Cosmo is a 130-pound dog who’s never set foot in a home before — and today is the first day of his amazing new life 🐶💚

 The best day of a shelter dog’s life is when he meets his forever family. Every Friday, Adoption Day brings you the story of dogs falling in love with their new homes.

Tori Gazzara :Not every dog is suited for every home. For size, breed, temperment ect. 
That dog was always suited for that home.

Maureen Marthe :Finally I see someone who works with stray/rescued animals crying over them. It’s touching to see how the manager is sad but Happy at the same time. Good for Cosmo!

Marcella Fredericks :I just have to say this… Can people just enjoy this awesomeness and not comment on the toilet water!!! or anything else. Stop and think WHY you are being so judgmental when this video is PURE JOY!!!! We have enough judgment in the world we absolutely don’t need it here. ♥♥♥