For George H.W. Bush, a funeral befitting a war hero

Sully, former President George H.W. Bush’s service dog, lies next to his casket ahead of national services for next week. The love & loyalty of dogs knows no bounds.

Photo Credit: Jim McGrath @jgm41

Dedee Madonia If you recall ? The Bushes always had their dogs along where ever they were. That alone makes a statement of the true decency . They Loved their dogs as I am sure their dogs Loved them. This picture is a true testament of Loyalty and Love. Tears

Charlene Deschaine Matt Merritt , this post has absolutely nothing to do with politics…this post is about love and loyalty..

Andrew Crocker That’s what is called unconditional love… Something humans will never learn

Andrew Crocker I was 40 years old when I got my 1st dog and got the perfect 1 on the 1st try! It was love at first sight seriously.. I also have a German Shepherd who came along years later and they were the best of friends..

Briggette Almy Cammett I hope a Bush family member will take Sully and give him lots of love. ❤️

Briggette Almy Cammett Awe. While it is heartwarming that Sully will be of service to someone else, it would have been nice if he could have stayed with the Bush family as he knew them.

Christine Meyer I wished we respected everyone no matter who you are. Sully took care of the person it was responsible for and did not know how important this man was to our country. I wish this puppy could would teach everyone how to treat people

Gayle Robinson Never underestimate the love of a dog, a service dog and any dog. 🐾

Michelle Webber Poor dog! No one can explain to him 😓 Love the loyalty of dogs, something humans could learn from!!!