When your dog decides the walk is over 

People’s comments:

Meghan Collins :We moved into a neighborhood with 2 English Mastiff’s 200-225 pounds. While walking and driving we would often see the dogs and their peoples, sitting in chairs and the dogs laying on the ground. Not near their house at all. Turns out they(the peoples) take bag/camp chairs with them because when dogs that size want to stop, you stop 🙂

Wendy Wong: He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother 💜2

Margaret Bowers: Right there is why I fell in love with a man my dog was huge and very old he got to tired to walk any more he picked that dog up put around his shoulders and carried him about a mile I will never forget it

James Michael :♥️♥️♥️the young person “gets it” !!! Unconditional LOVE deserves to be reciprocated by humans when a fury family member gets arthritic, old and cant finish the walk without pain or breaks. (Instead so many heartless creatures impersonating human beings dump & abandon their dogs when they get old)! I ♥️THIS!